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Snacks for a Shark Week Party

One of entertainment’s most anticipated events is coming to a TV near you! That’s right; Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week blows the ratings out of the water each year with over 42 million viewers tuning in to see the predators of the sea. As a matter of fact, Shark Week has become such a huge phenomenon that many fans are hosting Shark Week viewing parties with friends and family. Such is the inspiration for today’s post. If you’re hosting a Shark Week viewing party at home, we’d like to give you some easy snack ideas to keep your hunger at bay.

Shark Week Snacks 2

Shark in the Water Jell-O Cups

This snack is fun and easy! Just get a pack of blue Jell-O mix and make it according to the directions and before you set it in the refrigerator, add a blue gummy shark inside.

Madeleine Seashells

This sweet snack can be easily purchased at any grocery store. Dress them up for your party by adding some colorful accents with cookie icing. Pick a soft color like a light blue or lilac and draw in the shape of a clamshell for a fun and pretty treat that looks like it was plucked from the sea!

Chum Snack Mix

Chum is bait made out of random fish parts to attract sharks. This inspired us to make our own snack mix to attract hungry guests at a Shark Week party. We took Goldfish crackers, pretzels, peanuts, and M&Ms to make a quick and yummy snack to munch on while watching your favorite Shark Week feature.

Dried Squid

Dried squid is like the jerky of the sea. It’s sweet, salty, chewy, and delicious! This is a fun snack for the adventurous crowd, though the smell may be a bit strong for first timers. However, we guarantee that this tasty snack will be gobbled up like a shark gobbles up a sea lion.

Sushi or California Rolls

Raw fish is a favorite with sharks and humans! Serve up some sushi at your party as a fun appetizer for your guests to try. If you and your guests are not down with raw fish, you can always serve California rolls to stay on the safe side. What’s great is that you can just buy a tray from your local grocery store with little or no prep work involved!

With these fun and simple party ideas, you’ll be able to host a great Shark Week party! Get more tips for hosting your own Shark Week party here. Do you have another great Shark Week snack idea that you’d like to share? If so, let us know by leaving us a comment below!

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