Popular Cosplays for 2019’s Con Season

It’s almost time for comic convention season to begin! As soon as weather starts warming up, it seems like there’s a con almost every weekend! Here’s a list of some of the Popular Cosplays for 2019’s Con Season!


Captain Marvel

Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season captain marvel
Source: Bustle
Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season Captain Marvel
Source: IGN
Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season Captain Marvel
Source: Daily Mail

The instant Marvel announced their first solo female superhero movie, cosplayers eagerly waited for the first official images. Aside from Captain Marvel in her iconic red suit, there’s a whole team of uniformed Star Force member’s to choose from! Cosplayers can even keep it casual as Carol Danvers or Maria Rambeau in their simple flight suits. Since the first images came out, I’ve already seen dozens of cosplayers donning the Red suit and the green suit. Imagine how much more popular it will be once the movie actually comes out!



Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season Pokemon Pikachu
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures
Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season Pokemon Pikachu
Source: Pokemon

Pokemon is having a big year! Pokemon Go! received a major update, AND Pokemon Sword and Shield was announced. To make things even more epic the live action Detective Pikachu movie comes out in a couple of months! Other than cosplaying the Pokemon trainers and other human characters from the games, expect to see loads of Pokemon gjinkas. Gjinka is a Japanese word for anthropomorphism in anime and manga where non human characters are given human characteristics. In Pokemon gjinka cosplays, Pokemon are re-imagined to look like humans in fun clothing and hairstyles related to that Pokemon. It gives cosplayers a chance to really get creative!


Avengers: Endgame

Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season Avengers Endgame
Source: Times Now News

Every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is basically cosplayer heaven. It’s not surprise that cosplayers are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the first look at Endgame’s new costumes! With tiny teases from toy boxes, we all know new costumes are coming and with it are coming super cool cosplays! As soon as Marvel releases the official images expect the new costumes to become extremely popular!


Into the Spider Verse

Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season Spider-Man-Into-the-Spider-Verse-box-office-takings-1059376
Source: Express

The last few months have been huge for our favorite web slinging friend! With the success of the newest Spider-Man video game, and the hit Oscar winning animated film, everyone’s jumping on the Spidey craze! Into the Spider Verse introduced the mainstream world to Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, and Peter Porker. With so many new characters put into the spotlight at once, many cosplayers are pushing to make the costumes.


Netflix Shows


Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season netflix she ra
She-Ra: Princess of Power. Source: App.
Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season castlevania
Castlevania. Source: Forbes
Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season the dragon prince
The Dragon Prince. Source: The Dragon Prince Twitter
Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season umbrella academy
The Umbrella Academy. Souce: Netflix

Netflix’s original content gets better and better every year. When Netflix debuted shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it was expected that cosplayers would take on the task of recreating the heroes’ looks. What wasn’t expected was the adult cult like following  reboots aimed at kids like Voltron: Legendary Defenders , The Dragon Prince, and She-Ra: Princess of Power. These shows combined great messages, diverse characters, and amazing costumes to create content that cosplayers love! It’s not just the kid’s shows either. Vampire anime Castlevania surged in popularity after it’s successful second season, while new series The Umbrella Academy has captured audiences even with it’s simple, but impactful costumes.


Steven Universe

Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season steven universe
Source: Reddit

Another show aimed at kids with an adult cult like following is Steven UniverseJust like the previously mentioned Netflix shows, Steven Universe is popular for it’s diverse characters, great messages, and awesome costumes! Conventions have been full of SU cosplays since Cartoon network aired the first season. The show’s cosplays have had a recent spike in popularity after the most recent arc in the TV series. In last season’s finals tons of new characters and new costumes for old characters were introduced sending cosplays into a frenzy.


Frozen 2

Popular Cosplays for 2019's Con Season frozen 2
Source: BBC

There has been no shortage of Frozen cosplayers since the movie came out back in 2013. Anna and Elsa cosplayers especially make sure to create a new cosplay every time a new version of Frozen is released. With the release of the new teaser trailer, cosplayers everywhere are getting ready to recreate the new looks! The two new characters in the teaser also have everyone buzzing! You’re sure to see a lot of new Frozen cosplayers in the months leading up to the release.



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