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If you’re an animal lover like I am, then you’re probably thinking of costume ideas for your pet. I happen to think the best pet costumes are ones that you can coordinate with. People can’t help but see how cute your matching costumes are while you’re walking around town on Halloween with your dog in tow! Here are just a few suggestions for anybody at a loss for ideas.

Despicable Me

Polyvore - Pet and Owner Despicable Me

Despicable Me and its sequel were a hit at the box office. No one can get enough of those adorable minions. Everywhere you look, you see minion cakes, clothes, school supplies, and memes; it’s never-ending. And for good reason. They’re just too cute! You should dress fido in our new Minion Pet Costumes that includes not only a jumpsuit, but a cute minion headpiece too! Then, of course, you could dress up as loveable Gru in our Despicable Me 2 Gru Adult Costume includes a shirt, pants, scarf, and even a mask to transform you into an evil mastermind!

Cop and Prisoner

Polyvore - Pet and Owner Prisoner and Cop

If your dog is as troublesome as mine, you’ll really get a kick out of dressing him up as prisoner and sending him to doggy jail. Our Pr-r-isoner Pet Costumes comes with a striped prisoner jacket and a charming little hat with “Bad Dog” written on it. You can add to the fun by dressing up as a deputy who gets to lock up your mischievous little criminal with our Deputy Patdown Adult Costume.

Batman and Robin

Polyvore - Pet and Owner Batman and Robin

If your child and his pup are inseparable, you should definitely dress them up as the dynamic duo this year. Your son can feel brave as the dark knight with his sidekick hound by his side. Together, they can fight crime and bring justice to the world. Our Robin Pet Costume comes with a shirt with a detachable cape and an eyemask to disguise his true identity. Our Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman costume would be the perfect match to the Robin costume. It includes a headpiece, cape, belt, and of course the muscle chest jumpsuit so your child will have the strength and agility of Batman!

Nifty Fifties

Polyvore - Pet and Owner 50s

If you’ve got two classy ladies on your hands, then 1950s themed costumes would be perfect for your daughter and her pooch. Our Soda Shop Sweetie Child Costumes features a cute dress with a striped top and pink skirt, belt, and neckerchief. We love that our Pink Fifties Girl Pet Costumes perfectly matches and also comes with a pretty pink bow! Your daughter and her canine pup will be all ready for the sock hop!

Those are just a few suggestions for you. With so many pet costumes recently added (here), you’re sure to find something that’ll be perfect for the two of you. If you do plan to take your furry little friend out for Halloween, be sure to bring plenty of water and treats! Have a happy and safe Halloween!



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