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Our Top Sellers for Halloween Costumes 2012!

It’s already September, and this year’s trends for Halloween Costumes 2012 is starting to be more prominent! Whether you’re looking to follow trends or looking to stand out by not following trends, this blog post will help you prepare for Halloween!

Angry Birds Red Bird Toddler Costume
Angry Birds Costumes are all the rage this year. Whether you’ve played the mobile game or not, you’ve gotta be familiar with these angry little birds and their nemesis pigs. From toddlers to teens to adults, we’ve got Angry Birds Costumes for the entire family. Be sure to grab them fast, though. There’s no guarantee we won’t sell out!
Power Rangers Costumes continue to be popular this year. Perhaps your kid didn’t get his costume last year because it was sold out, or maybe your child has grown out of his and needs a new one. Regardless of the reason, trust us when we say that your child knows about Power Rangers and wants a costume.
New for Halloween 2012, our Nascar Costumes have been flying off the shelves, and that’s even before they were on the shelf! Our pre-order stats indicate that Nascar Costumes will be a hot seller this year. It seems there’s a need for speed, whether it be amongst toddlers, children, or adults.
Marvel Superhero Squad Hulk
Toddler Costume

You keep hearing about Superhero Costumes, but there’s a reason for that. Superheroes continue to be a huge theme this Halloween. With major movies released in 2012 and many more slated to be released in the next couple of years, this trend is here to stay. According to sales records, costumes from the Avengers and the Dark Knight are selling the most.

Goddess Diana Adult Costume

This classic theme is trendy every year, and 2012 is no different. With new designs for the entire family amongst our Greek and RomanCostumes, you can redo the theme without having to bust out any old costumes or accessories. So if you’re into making the old new again, this trend’s for you!

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