New Kids’ Costumes for School

Summer’s almost over and kids are already starting to go back to school now. You know what that means, another whole year of school projects and activities that will require costumes. Don’t fret, we’ve stocked up on a slew of new costumes that will be perfect for your child’s next event. What’s great is that not only can your child wear this for their presentation, you can also knock out two birds by using the costumes for Halloween as well.

New Historical Costumes

Now that the school year is starting, you can look forward to many assignments that you’ll probably need to assist your child with. Our new historical costumes will definitely come in handy for this. If your child is planning to give a presentation on the colonial period, reenacting a war, or reporting about the medieval period, you’re sure to find the perfect costume for your child to bring the past to life.

Kids Historical Costumes

New Famous Historical Figures Costumes

When your child not only needs a historical costume, but a specific historical figure, we’ve got you covered on that front as well. We’ve got costumes from as far back as the exotic Cleopatra to the distinguished Ulysses S. Grant. Now your child can get up close and personal with the historical people he’s been reading about by dressing up just like them.

Kids Historical Figures Costumes

New U.S. Presidents Costumes

President costumes are always in demand. Whether your child is giving a presentation on a specific president, reporting about President’s Day, or reenacting a historical speech, your little one is sure to do it in style with one of our new Presidential costumes. Your child can put himself in the shoes of the commander-in-chief and will sure be on his way to acing his report.

Kids President Costumes

New School Play Costumes

Whether your child wants to explore his acting chops or is part of a class play, he’s sure to look the part with many of our new costumes. We’ve got Little Orphan Annie costumes, scarecrows and witches for The Wizard of Oz, biblical costumes, Shakespearean costumes, and so much more. Help your child get into the role by checking out our many costumes that would work for the next school play.

Kids School Play Costume

New Career Day Costumes

Career Day at school is a great way for kids to explore different occupations and to start thinking about their future. With so many new career oriented costumes, your child will be able to dress the part of a uniformed professional and really think about the fun opportunities out there for them. From doctors to firemen, to police officers to astronauts, your child will find endless possibilities when it comes to planning ahead.

Kids Career Costumes

We hope our new costumes helps you get the new school year started off right. Don’t forget to check out our adult costumes for teachers as well!



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