New 2016 Ghostbusters Costumes

In honor of the Ghostbusters remake premiering this weekend, we’d like to share a preview of the new movie costumes. As we discussed in our Ghostbusters infographic from last week, there have been a lot of similarities and differences between the 1984 version and the 2016 version and the same goes with their iconic uniforms. Our lady saviors are keeping the jumpsuits, but there are a few subtle changes to the design. Let’s see if you can spot them!



Featuring Item R820121, Item R820123, and Item R620828

The new 2016 Ghostbusters costumes are in a darker shade of beige and have a few extra safety stripes. After all, safety is number one when you’re fighting off a horde of hostile spirits. Other than that, their uniforms stay relatively similar to the ones the original Ghostbusters wore when they were tasked to stop Gozer from destroying the city.

If you’re ready for an all Ghostbusters weekend, be sure to catch the movie in theaters and add your name on the waitlist for our new Ghostbusters costumes!

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