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Need Couples Costumes?

Is it too cheesy to dress in a couple costumes or a group costumes? Well, I do not think so. If you choose the right costumes then it won’t be but if you decide to choose a cheesy couples costumes then it is. My boyfriend and I dressed up at Billy Bulls Eye, The Knife Thrower costume and Tina The Target costume. It was a hit at the costume party. Everyone thought it was a cool and unique costume. My other friend and her boyfriend dressed up as Athenian Goddess and Zeus costume. We ordered these costumes at and they have a great selection of couples Halloween costumes and the best part is the shipping was super fast. Some couple’s costumes that I saw on the website that are really neat are Count Bloodthirst and Countess Bloodthirst, Hercules and Warrior Queen, and Rogue Pirate and South Seas Siren. I’m excited about the 2008 Halloween costumes that are for couples. The new 08 selection includes Snake Handler and Serena, the Snake Charmer, Voodoo Priest and Voodoo Priestess, Robin Hood and Maid Marion. The Gunfighter and Diamond Lil are great for any Wild West party theme. Those are my favorites but I also like the Disco Diva and the Disco Guy. It’s simple and my boyfriend is more incline to wear the Disco Guy costume since it does not look too bad or too cheesy! I guess I will have to see.

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