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2017 saw a ton of movie reboots from childhood favorites like Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers, to classics like Baywatch and  IT. This year, we’ll see even more reboots and spin-offs in the box office and everyday we get news of even more reboots being planned! While we already know a lot about most of the reboots for 2018, there are a few movies with the information mostly coming from rumors and speculation. Here are a few I’m interested to learn more about and what we know so far.

Mortal_Kombat_poster Upcoming Movie Reboots


Mortal Kombat

This video game movie reboot was first announced way back in September of 2011 when Kevin Tancharoen was hired to direct it. Shooting was expected to start in March 2012 but over a year later in October 2013, Tancharoen announced he would not be the director. All efforts to make the movie were at a standstill until August 2016 when James Wan confirmed he would produce the film with a $40-$50 million budget. As of November 2016, it was rumored that Simon McQuoid was in talks to direct it and in May 2017, sources compared the script to an R rated Avengers. Since then, no updates have been announced.



The_Birds_original_poster Upcoming Movie Reboots


The Birds

The 1963 classic horror film is getting a made-for-TV reboot! BBC has announced Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film will be translated into a mini-series that more closely resembles Daphne du Maurier’s 1952 novel on which the film is based. The mini-series is set to be produced by Harry Potter producer, David Heyman. So far we know that Conor McPherson, an Irish playwright who adapted the movie for the stage, will be writing the script. Naomi Watts is rumored to play main character, Melanie Daniels. Instead of 1960s California, the film will be set in Cornwall, post World War II.



Sister_Act_film_poster Upcoming Movie Reboots


Sister Act

Oh happy day! In June 2015, it was announced that Disney is planning a reboot of the 1992 hit movie. The new movie, announced 22 years after the last one, would be the third and final chapter of the Sister Act Franchise. The movie would be produced by Alison Shearmur of The Hunger Games and written by Legally Blonde writers Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Karen McCullah. The plot has not yet been released, and more importantly, it hasn’t been released whether or not Whoopi Goldberg will be reviving her role in the film.



Nosferatu poster Upcoming Movie Reboots



At the end of 2016, it was announced that the classic vampire flick, Nosferatu was going to be remade. This film is the oldest on this list, with a release year of 1922! The Witch director Robert Eggers is due to direct the film. As of August 2017, Split star Anya Taylor-Joy was in-talks to join the film cast. Although the new film will only be inspired by the original rather than a direct copy, its almost 100 year gap after the original definitely earns it a spot on this list!



Hollywood’s reboot and sequel craze doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon! So we might as well enjoy the nostalgia ride while it lasts! What reboots are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments!



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