Mardi Gras Menu Ideas

It wouldn’t be Fat Tuesday without an epic meal. With Mardi Gras rolling to a town near you, you’re probably planning a themed party for your next celebration. Same here! New Orleans seems like a world away, but you can bring home the feel of Mardi Gras with an amazing party and great food! Today, we wanted to share with you some menu ideas to help you plan a great spread for your party guests. From appetizers to desserts and everything in between, we’ve got a bunch of great ideas for you to try!


Shrimp Cocktail
Oysters on the Half Shell
Popcorn Crawfish
Cajun Chicken Wings


Tip: If you’re serving raw oysters, make sure they are fresh and over ice to keep them at the proper temperature. Remember, consuming any raw food can be a cause of food poisoning so exercise extreme caution.

Main Dishes

Crawfish Boil
Po Boy Sandwiches
Muffaletta Sandwiches
Fried Catfish


Tip: If you’re planning a crawfish boil, you can order fresh crawfish online and have it shipped to your home.


King Cake
Bourbon Balls
Bread Pudding
Pecan Pralines

mardi gras king cake

Tip: If you can’t make a King Cake, there are several bakeries in New Orleans that take orders and ship anywhere in the country. Most even include free beads and the toy baby!

Now that you’ve got some ideas, you can start searching for the perfect recipe for your party! Be sure to mix up your menu to cater to guests who have shellfish allergies. You can do this by omitting shrimp or crawfish from your gumbo or jambalaya and using chicken instead. Do you have a favorite Mardi Gras recipe that you have to have on your party menu? If so, tell us about it by leaving a comment below!

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