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Self-Quarantining with Kids (part 4)

With many schools closed down across the country, a lot of parents are finding themselves homeschooling their kids. A great way to get your kids excited about learning is to have them get into character! Pure Costumes has an abundance of historical costumes for kids that are perfect for teaching your kids about historical figures and past time periods. Also, with many schools doing remote learning, this is a great way for your kids to dress up for their video presentations for their virtual classes as well! Here are some great Home School Historical Costumes!

Home School Historical Costumes

American Pioneer Costumes

Teach your kids about the early Americans that bravely traveled west into the frontier in search of new land to settle in and develop.

Home School Historical Costumes Pioneer Boy Child Costume
Pioneer Boy Costume
Home School Historical Costumes Early American Girl Child Costume
Early American Girl Costume

American Revolutionary War

The American Revolutionary War was when The United States of America fought for independence against the Kingdom of Great Britain. Make sure your child learns about this significant turning point in for our country with costumes from this time period.

Home School Historical Costumes British Red Coat Child Costume
British Red Coat Costume
Home School Historical Costumes Patriotic Soldier Child Costume
Patriotic Soldier Costume

Civil War Costumes

Another significant war in our nation’s history is, of course, the American Civil War. The Union and the Confederates fought over slavery. This is a great opportunity to teach your child about this controversial time in America and the effects of it that last even to this day.

Home School Historical Costumes Civil War Union Soldier Child Costume
Civil War Union Soldier Costume
Home School Historical Costumes American Civil War Nurse Child Costume
American Civil War Nurse Costume

Women’s Suffrage Costumes

The Woman Suffrage Movement was all about women’s rights, specifically, their right to vote and run for office. Teach your children about famous suffragettes such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Emmeline Pankhurst, and all they did for the women’s movement.

Home School Historical Costumes Victorian Suffragette Child Costume
Victorian Suffragette
Home School Historical Costumes American Suffragette Child Costume
American Suffragette

World War II Costumes

The second world war began in 1939 and ended in 1945. You can use this opportunity to teach your child about effects WWII in our own country as well as the Holocaust that happened during this devastating time.

Home School Historical Costumes Vintage Army Officer Child Costume
Vintage Army Officer Costume
Home School Historical Costumes 1940's Rosie the Riveter Child Costume
1940’s Rosie the Riveter Costume
Home School Historical Costumes WW2 Boy Child Costume
WW2 Boy Costume
Home School Historical Costumes WW2 Girl Child Costume
WW2 Girl Costume




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