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Highlights from Comic-Con 2013

Comic-Con wrapped up its incredible four-day weekend this past Sunday, leaving fans with some exciting news and unforgettable memories to sift through until next year. From movie trailers to season previews from our favorite shows to the astounding parade of cosplay, this annual event always brings out the best from the sci-fi and fantasy world! Though there were a lot of things going on at Comic-Con, we’re going to highlight just a few things that we thought were pretty cool!

Up and Coming
First off, probably the most exciting thing to hit the comic book world is the cross-over of Batman into the Man of Steel sequel. Two awesome DC superheroes coming together in one singular film; should that even be legal? The potential awesomeness of this news has got fans and the media buzzing all over social media. Just take a look at this new logo. Sends shivers down your spine, right?

Another big announcement (this time from the Marvel camp) was the revelation of the new Avengers film, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Though many fans were expecting Thanos to appear in the next film, the teaser that was revealed last weekend has fans excited about the potential of the Avengers sequel.

As expected, Comic-Con is the hub where movie studios and TV shows preview the trailers for their upcoming projects. This year’s fan favorites include The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and our personal favorite, The Walking Dead. (SEASON FOUR, BABY!)

Fun in Costume
With so many huge stars in attendance of Comic-Con, it has become a new trend for celebrities to dress up in costume as they walk the show floor hidden in plain sight. This year, the award for best celebrity costume goes to Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, who somehow went unnoticed wearing a mask of his own character from the show. He revealed his “disguise” at the Breaking Bad panel and shocked and disturbed his fans. Bravo! See his costume and other celebrity disguises here!

Lastly, it wouldn’t be Comic-Con without COSPLAY! Tons of fans dressed in the coolest homemade costumes of their favorite superhero characters, comic book villains, television characters and more! Thanks to the Huffington Post, Mashable and Buzzfeed, we’ve spent the past couple days reliving Comic-Con through these cosplayers and their amazing costumes! You can check them out here, here, and here!

And, if you haven’t already heard, we’re prolonging Comic-Con fun by hosting our very own Cosplay Photo Contest on Facebook. If you were cosplaying it in San Diego this past weekend, then we’re reminding you that there’s still time to share with us your best picture for a chance to win a $75 shopping spree at Click here for more details on how to participate and good luck! Until next time, stay in character!

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