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Halloween Costumes: Going from Generic to Genuine

Every year, shopping for Halloween costumes can be a drag…either the new licensed costume you were looking for is sold out everywhere, or you’ve decided to tighten up the pocketbook this year. To help alleviate some of the Halloween stress, we’re going to show you how to turn ordinary costumes into recognizable characters by tweaking your look and adding accessories.

You can get creative this year by turning a regular turtle costume into a totally awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume. Take, for example, our Lil’ Turtle Infant Costume for toddlers, a seemingly cute and innocuous costume. Add a colored sash and some ninja weapons, and your tot will be ready to take on an army of Foot Soldiers!

Lil’ Turtle Infant Costume

Do you guys remember Jem? If there’s anything that can be learned from watching Jem, it’s that you can never say the word “outrageous” enough. She was the dazzling teenage daughter who was gifted the awesome technology of holographic earrings from her departed millionaire father. With our 80’s Party Girl costume and the Truly Outrageous Costume Wig, you’ll look as fabulous as Jem. Our Star Earrings Accessory in fuchsia look just like Jem’s holograph projecting earrings. Lastly, use our Lady Gaga Makeup Kit to draw Jem’s signature starbursts over your eyes. With this completed look, you’ll be ready to rock the crowd.

80’s Party Girl Adult Costume

For a couple’s theme, you can go as characters from this year’s blockbuster movie, “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Our Evil Sorceress Adult Costume is very similar to the dress that the evil queen wears in the movie. Add a hair braid headband at the top of your head like Charlize Theron to complete the look. Men can go as The Huntsman in our Robin Hood Costume. With a Charlize Theron look-a-like next to him and an axe accessory in hand, there’s no mistaking the character he’s replicating.

Evil Sorceress Adult Costume
Robin Hood Adult Costume

Finally, you can strike fear in the hearts of all young wizards and witches dressed as the evil Bellatrix LeStrange. Our Victorian Vampiress Adult Costume is strikingly similar to garments that Bellatrix would wear. Wear it with a wild and curly up-do and practice your penetrating psychotic glare. To complete your look (and just for fun!), you can make your own wand with this wand tutorial we found on Pinterest!

Victorian Vampiress Adult Costume

Now go on and get busy browsing for more ideas on putting together your own distinguishable costume. With only a couple of days left before the big day, it’s time to make your purchase before it’s too late!

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