Halloween Costume Party Themes by Decade

Are you planning your Halloween party? Before your send those invites out, we’ve got some fun party themes to share with you. Instead of having a run-of-the-mill Halloween party, why not try a fun theme. Here are some fun costume party themes by decade to help you put a fun twist on your upcoming monster bash!

20s Murder Mystery Party

Money, murder, and mystery! Create a night your guests won’t forget with a murder mystery party set in the roaring 20s. During that time, millionaires were popping up left and right, whether they acquired wealth from a great stock trade, or through a booming bootlegging business making them the perfect target for an ambitious stranger. You can find a murder mystery party kit online complete with story lines and characters, or you can have some fun and create your own. Either way, this is a fun way to spend the evening with some friends.

Murder Mystery

50s Hop Party

Let’s go to the hop! And yes, your friends can come too! If you love this era of rock ‘n roll as well as the poodle skirts and bowling shirts, this is the perfect party theme for you. Jump and jive your favorite oldies tunes or meet a charming stranger under the blue moon.

50s Hop

60s Hippy Halloween Bash

Lave lamps, tie dye, peace signs, and psychedelic rock ‘n roll. If this is your groove, then take a trip back into time during the rise of the hippy movement. Have fun with glow in the dark colors, hula hoops, go go dancers, and so much more!

60s Hippie

70s Roller Disco

Grab some skates and head to the roller rink for this party theme. Play tunes from your favorite disco divas like Donna Summers and Gloria Gaynor and show off your moves as you dance and skate the night away.

Roller Disco

80s Pop Culture Party

If you love the 80s, then celebrate by dressing as your favorite 80s character. From classics like He-Man or the Ghostbusters, these nostalgic characters will help you relive your favorite childhood moments. You can even host a costume contest for the best, obscure pop culture icon from the 80s!

80s Pop Culture

Which of these costume party themes would you like to host or attend this year?

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