Halloween 2015 Leg Avenue Costumes

Leg Avenue has been a customer favorite when it comes to sexy costumes. Every year, they come out with some of the most stunning designs in the industry. This year, they’ve once again outdone themselves with tons of great new styles. Today, we’re going to show you some of the best new costumes by Leg Avenue. From stylish storybook characters to sexy superheroes, we’re showing you the best of the best from your favorite sexy costumes brand.

Storybook Princesses

A year or so ago, Leg Avenue won the licensing rights to create Disney princess and villain costumes for adults which was a phenomenal hit. This year, they abandoned the license to create official Disney costumes, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped making fabulous fairy tale costumes. What’s great is that they now have a mix of sexy designs as well as traditional for those who prefer a true-to-character look.

Licensed Costumes

Although Leg Avenue does not produce a lot of licensed costumes, what they do create they do quite well. Once again, they’ve added more styles to their Assassin’s Creed line and the My Little Pony line. However, the newest brand on their roster is Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride which feature two costumes that are impeccably designed.

Sexy Classics

Of course it wouldn’t be Leg Avenue if they didn’t make sexy costumes. This year they’ve put a new twist on sexy classics like witches, vampires, and cats. However, these new updated designs feature trendy elements like bondage, steampunk, and even vintage.

Stylish Accessories

Last but not least, there are accessories! Every gal knows that accessories are an important aspect of any outfit and that is definitely the case with costumes. This year, they’ve upped their game with fun costume kits and trendy costume accessories that will take your Halloween look to the next level.

If you’re a trend-setter, then you’ll want to get your hands on these amazing 2015 Leg Avenue costumes for the upcoming Halloween season. Which of these styles do you see yourself wearing this Halloween? Tell us by commenting below!

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