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Father/Son Costume Ideas

A couple of days ago, we shared some mother/daughter costume ideas, but we couldn’t leave out the guys! Today, we’re featuring a few matching father and son costume ideas to make you and your little buddy the most amazing dynamic duo of all time! In the eyes of your son, you’re his biggest hero and it’s no secret that he wants to be just like dad. With these costumes, you can show him just how special he is to you too and play sidekick to your little hero this Halloween.

This Halloween, why not set out for your very own space adventure? You can bond over your shared interest in outer space with these fun and educational costumes. With these matching father/son astronaut costumes, you two will make the perfect pair of galaxy explorers!


Aerospace Astronaut Adult Costume
Astronaut Explorer Child Costume


Wild West’s Lone Ranger
Hi-yo Silver, away! With the recent release of Lone Ranger, a timeless Western classic has been reborn! Maybe this was one of your favorite shows as a child and you and your son both enjoyed the film’s revival. If you’ve been itching to bring back the old Wild West, then these costumes are perfect for you! This Halloween, you guys can ride off into the sunset as the justice-serving heroes of the West!


Native American Adult Costume
Wild West Avenger Child Costume


Monster’s University
Without a doubt, Mike and Sulley are Disney-Pixar’s most beloved best friend team. This Halloween, become these two lovable characters and grow your father/son relationship into a monster friendship!


Mike Deluxe Adult Costume
Sulley Deluxe Child Costume


Super Mario
Do you two share a favorite past-time together like playing video games? If your answer is yes, then the pair of you can dress as everyone’s favorite videogame characters: Mario and Luigi! Together, you can chase mushrooms, smash koopa troopers, and defeat Bowser as the plumbing brother team!


Luigi Deluxe Adult Costume
Mario Deluxe Child Costume


Iron Man
Lastly, we know that earlier this year, the two of you couldn’t wait to watch Iron Man 3 together. If this film was one of your favorite superhero movies of all time, then our Iron Man 3 costumes are perfect! Dressed as Iron Man and his partner prototype Iron Patriot, the two of you can jet off and save the day together this Halloween!


Iron Patriot Deluxe Adult Costume
Iron Man Mark 42 Child Costume


That completes our list for now, but there are plenty more costume ideas on Pure Costumes’ website. Halloween will be here in no time, so swing on by and start shopping for this year’s costumes before time runs out! If you have a great father/son costume idea that you’d like to share, please leave us a comment!

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