Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Jones

Thinking of watching Netflix’s latest Marvel series, Jessica Jones? After Daredevil blazed the trail in showing us the darker underbelly of the MCU, Jessica Jones aims to follow in his footsteps and dig even deeper than what we’ve seen from Hell’s Kitchen. Although a lesser known character than “The Man Without Fear,” she has received a lot of attention by fans and regular audiences alike. If you want to catch up on all things Marvel and binge watch the 13 episode series of the newest Netflix series, here’s an infographic with everything you need to know about Jessica Jones as a comic book character.

Jessica Jones Infographic

She was a new character created for MAX comics

When Marvel decided to make an imprint targeted for mature audiences, they needed a character to headline the newly formed MAX comics. Jessica Jones was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos for the Alias series. During an interview, Bendis claimed that he wanted to use Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, but decided that it would be better for the series to have a new character – thus creating Jessica Jones instead.

She has a classic superhero origin

Every superhero (or former superhero) needs to have an origin story. Jessica Jones’ origins don’t stray far from the classic stories that we see in most comic book series. Regular person gets involved in an accident involving weird chemicals and voila, they’ve got superpowers. Granted Jessica doesn’t need some convoluted origin for how she got her powers, as her story mainly focuses during the time after she became a superhero. In Jessica Jones’ instance, she was on her way home from Disneyland with her parents when they got into an accident with a military convoy containing radioactive chemicals. She lost her parents during that accident, while Jessica went into a coma. After recovering from her coma, she was adopted by the Jones family, and she gained the power of flight and super strength.

In the comics, Jessica Jones had a brief stint as a superhero named ‘Jewel’.

After gaining superpowers, Jessica Jones decided to be a superhero. She called herself Jewel, and began fighting crime while still training her powers. Unfortunately, her heroics were cut short when a Daredevil villain named Kilgrave (AKA The Purple Man) took a liking to her and abducted her. Kilgrave had the power to control minds, and unfortunately Jewel was not immune to it. He forced her to partake in his criminal schemes and tortured her psychologically for eight months. The torture only ended when amidst a temper tantrum, the Purple Man sent Jessica Jones to kill the Daredevil. Jessica attacked the first superhero she saw in a red costume, which happened to be the Scarlet Witch, and Kilgrave’s mind control started to wear off. However, before she escaped, the Avengers caught her and severely injured her. Her ordeal only ended when her friend Carol Danvers, another Avenger, recognized Jessica and saved her from the others.

She became a private investigator after retiring as a superhero

After the horror she experienced during her time with Kilgrave and the realizing that she was barely missed during her 8 month disappearance, Jessica retired from being a superhero. She started a private eye agency called Alias Investigations. During her time as a private investigator, she often helped other superheroes with cases that needed to be solved.

Her best friend was originally supposed to be Captain Marvel

In the comics, Jessica Jones’ best friend was Carol Danvers, the famous Captain Marvel. The show-runner for the Netflix series, Melissa Rosenberg, originally planned to have Carol Danvers appear in the TV series. However, knowing that Marvel has plans for Captain Marvel in the cinematic universe, she decided to use Trish “Patsy” Walker (AKA Hellcat) instead.

She’s married to Luke Cage

Jessica’s main love interest is Luke Cage. They’ve had an on-and-off again relationship for years. Eventually they had a child together, Danielle, named after Luke’s best friend Danny Rand (Iron Fist). Luke proposed to Jessica and they married in New Avengers issue #1. Jessica retained her maiden name.

She was schoolmates with Peter Parker

Before she was Jessica Jones, she was a high school student named Jessica Campbell. She was there when Peter Parker was bitten by the irradiated spider that made him Spider-Man. She had a crush on him and was about to speak with Peter, only for him to get distracted by the spider bite. Later, when Peter Parker revealed his identity to the New Avengers, Jessica Jones was shocked to see that her former classmate was Spider-Man. She told Peter of her former crush on him, only to realize that Peter did not recognize her at all, and only remembering her as “coma girl”, which upset her.

Well there you go, everything you need to know about Jessica Jones. She’s a fairly new character from Marvel so she doesn’t have a long history like Spider-man or Captain Marvel. Nevertheless, she’s a great character with an incredible story that you’ll see unfold when you watch the Netflix series, Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

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