DIY Super Mario Birthday Party

DIY Super Mario Birthday Party

I recently turned 25 and decided to throw a party! Nintendo is having a big moment in both gaming and cosplay so I decided to make my party a Super Mario birthday party. Besides just dressing up and having a Mario Kart tournament, I thought it would be fun to decorate and make a themed drink or snack. I don’t usually throw parties so I wanted something that wouldn’t be too hard. So I headed to Pinterest, created a board of ideas, and got to work on my DIY Super Mario Birthday Party!



I made a quick photo booth using my photography backdrop and air filled letter balloons.

DIY Super Mario Birthday Party

Adding two strips of electrical tape to gold star balloons instantly turned them into Super Star Power Ups.

DIY Super Mario Birthday Party

I used a bunch of our Super Mario accessories for photo booth props

DIY Super Mario Birthday Party


Themed Food and Drink

For me, food and drink are the most important part of the party so I got a lot! I wanted to come up with a few themed things for everyone to choose from. Originally I was going to label them all but I made a game of getting friends to guess how everything fit with the theme.

The easiest to guess was Princess Peach’s Peach Rings

DIY Super Mario Birthday Party

A bowl of cheese puffs became Fire Flower Fireballs

DIY Super Mario Birthday Party

I chose green paper cups to look like Warp Pipes and yellow paper plates to look like all those coins Mario is always collecting.

DIY Super Mario Birthday Party

Limeade Recipe:

I made an alcoholic limeade name Luigi’s Limeade. It’s super easy to make and basically involves following the instructions on the frozen juice cans.

I forgot to take a photo of my own so enjoy this lovely limeade stock photo in its place lol.

DIY Super Mario Birthday Party Homemade-Limeade-4_zps4psjcapt
Source: Big Bear’s Wife

Ingredients (makes 2 gallons)

  • 3 cans of frozen limeade concentrate
  • 1L bottle of Vodka
  • 1L bottle of lemon lime soda or Sprite
  • Water


  1. Open limeade cans. Follow directions on back to defrost. My cans were’t frozen solid so I didn’t defrost them so I wouldn’t have to use ice. They came out of the can like slushies
  2. The cans say to mix 4 cans of water for each can of limeade. Instead mix 2 cans of water, 1 can of vodka, and 1 can of soda. So in total you’ll need 6 cans of water, 3 cans of vodka, and 3 cans of soda.
  3. Mix and serve! That’s it!

Depending on how strong you want the drink you can add more or less vodka. Be sure to label that the limeade is alcoholic because you can barely tell!


And that’s it! Looking for other party ideas? Check out our PJ Masks Birthday Party Blog!



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