DIY Pokemon Costumes

DIY costumes are as popular as ever, and for good reason! They’re usually more cost-effective and they allow you to express your creativity. Luckily, Pure Costumes has tons of fun accessories and costume kits that are perfect for DIYers. This year, my favorite costume kits are the new Pokemon kits. To give you a hint about how old I am, I remember watching the original Pokemon cartoon series on TV as a kid. Nowadays plenty of kids, (and adults), love Pokemon which is exactly why I’ve decided to create some fun DIY Pokemon costumes to inspire you this Halloween season.


I’m starting with the most popular Pokemon character ever created. This DIY Pikachu outfit was easily made with a yellow dress, matching shoes, and our Pikachu costume kit. Just add a pair of red circles to your cheeks with costume makeup to complete the look!

DIY Pokemon Costumes_1


Next up is the charming plant Pokemon. Recreate his look with a light green top and a skirt in a darker shade. Complete your outfit with the Bulbasaur costume kit and maybe a green wig if you’re feeling adventurous!

DIY Pokemon Costumes_2


If you’re favorite Pokemon is Charmander, you can create your costume with a yellow top and an orange skirt styled with the costume kit. I added these fun flame-printed sneakers for good measure.

DIY Pokemon Costumes_3


For the Squirtle costume, I paired a yellow shirt with light green pants and completed the outfit with the costume kit. If you want to bring back the old school, you can adopt Squirtle’s rebel persona and add a rockin’ pair of sunglasses.

DIY Pokemon Costumes_4

If you like these looks, you can find these costume kits and more over at Which of these outfits would you rock? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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