DIY Paper Pom Pom Tutorial

Here at Pure Costumes, we love DIY; especially party DIY which is why we wanted to share with you one of the easiest party decoration DIYs you could find! Best of all, you can find all the necessary supplies at the dollar store which is a huge bonus. Cheap and chic is a rare combination, after all. With that being said, we want to introduce to you the paper pom pom. A lovely party decoration that you can hang to add a whimsical touch to any celebration.




Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Tissue paper sheets
  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors


Now the fun part! Here’s how to make it:


Step One: Stack about eight to ten sheets of tissue paper.




Step Two: Accordion fold the stack of sheets.





Step Three: Secure the middle section with floral wire. Twist the wire at the end as seen below. (Make sure the wire is twisted in the correct section to ensure a lovely end product).





Step Four: Trim the ends in any pattern that you please. We trimmed it as a scallop. You can also trim it closer to the middle to create different sized pom poms.




Step Five: Fluff out the pom pom by gently pulling out the accordion folds in different layers. You can easily manipulate the folds to make sure that there are no empty spaces.




Now wasn’t that easy and fun? What’s great about this tutorial is that you can match the tissue paper color to fit any theme. Decorating for a Halloween party? Use orange and black tissue paper. Princess party? Pink and purple work well. Red, black and white would look great for a pirate party theme!




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