DIY Mardi Gras Costume

Since we’re covering all things Mardi Gras this week, we wanted to share with you a fun DIY Mardi Gras outfit to wear to your celebration. Mardi Gras is the kind of holiday where anything goes, which means you can dress as wild as you want to! Inspired by the signature colors of Mardi Gras, we’ve created a festive costume that’s perfect for partying! This look features a vibrant tutu, a diamond patterned Mardi Gras mask, and a fun fleur de lis headband.

DIY Mardi Gras Outfit

Featuring: Fleur de Lis Headband (Buy), Mardi Gras Checkered Mask (Buy), Organza Tutu (Buy)
You can also layer an extra tutu in either green or yellow (or both) to add volume and color to your look! If you’re feeling extra creative, you can also add a colorful wig to your outfit to make your look pop. Complete the outfit with your favorite top and a sassy pair of party shoes and you’ll be ready for Mardi Gras madness! The only thing you have left to worry about is figuring out where you’ll celebrate Mardi Gras this year.

If you’d like to see more DIY costume ideas, we encourage you to subscribe to our blog for plenty of costume ideas all year long! Also, remember to enter our Mardi Gras Pin it to Win It Contest for a chance to win $50 worth of Mardi Gras masks in time for the festivities. The last day to enter is tomorrow, February 12 so don’t miss out! Lastly let us know what you think about this outfit by leaving us a comment below!

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