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Disney Princesses Dressed as Villains

If you’re a Disney fan, we’re sure you’ve dressed up as a Disney princess a time or two. You’ve probably even dressed up as one of the villains. Maybe you love Disney so much that you’ve already gone down the line and dressed up as all your favorite characters already. If you’re looking for something new and interesting to try, I thought it would be fun to cosplay as a Disney Princess dressing up as their worst enemy. After all, sometimes it’s fun to be a little bad.

Poor Rapunzel was locked in a tower for most of her life. The next time her “mother” comes to visit her, she should ambush her, switch clothes with her, and live life on the outside for a day.

rapunzel mother gothel Disney Heroes Dressed as Villains princesses
Featuring D98443 & FM72835

Ursula kind of took advantage of Ariel’s innocence when she had Ariel sign that contract. Here’s Ariel’s chance to dress up like that old sea witch and take her power back.

ariel ursula Disney Heroes Dressed as Villains princesses
Featuring 70581 & D24257

(I know she’s not a princess, but I still wanted to include her anyway because I love her.)
Alice spent the whole movie being lost and confused. Now she can take this opportunity to play the part of the Red Queen and be the one to shout, “Off with their heads!”

Featuring 70802 & D10191


Sleeping Beauty spent much of the movie being, well, asleep. Of all the Disney princesses she’s the one with the fewest lines. It’s no wonder Maleficent stole the show. Here’s Aurora’s chance to play the part of the Evil Fairy so she can take center stage.

sleeping beauty aurora maleficent Disney Heroes Dressed as Villains princesses
Featuring D71816 & D5093

Snow White

The Evil Queen was so jealous of Snow White that we might as well let them switch places. Let The Evil Queen clean the dwarf’s dirty old cottage while Snow White gets be queen for a day.

snow white evil queen Disney Heroes Dressed as Villains princesses
Featuring G10811 & D85702



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