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Costumes for Baby’s First Christmas


Christmas is coming up faster than you know. Amidst all the Christmas shopping and other holiday frenzy, as a new parent (or new parent again if you’re on your second, third, fourth baby) it can be hard and time consuming trying to come up with the perfect outfit for your baby’s first Christmas. So I’m making a list of my favorites so that you can spend a little less time thinking and a little more time enjoying the holidays.

Tiny Toy Soldier Infant Christmas Costumes Baby's First Holidays
Tiny Toy Soldier Infant Costume

First up is this Tiny Toy Soldier Costume. Ever since I first saw it, I have always loved this costume so much. It might be my love of Cinderella and this costume reminds me of Prince Charming, I don’t know. But I do know that your child would look so cute in this tiny toy soldier look.

Reindeer Rascal Infant Toddler Christmas Costumes Baby's First Holidays
Reindeer Rascal Infant Costume

My next pick is this Reindeer Rascal Infant Costume. The baby model is definitely selling this costume, but I also love that it’s warm and cozy, which is perfect for the cold holiday weather. It also has attached bells so it will definitely fill the room with the sounds of Christmas as your baby crawls or runs around.

Santa's Lil' Helper Infant Toddler Christmas Costumes Baby's First Holidays
Santa’s Lil’ Helper Infant Costume

My third pick is this adorable Santa’s Lil’ Helper Costume for babies. This is perfect if someone is already dressed up as Santa so that your little one can play the part of a workshop elf. I like that it has a cute apron detail with the printed on tools. It’s a really festive costume and makes for great photos.

Baby Santa Infant Toddler Christmas Costumes Baby's First Holidays
Baby Santa Infant Costume

And my last pick is, of course, Saint Nick himself. This Baby Santa Infant Costume is simple and classic. It’s actually the costume that I got for my own son. I love that it’s thin (because it doesn’t always get quite as cold here in Southern California) and comfortable and has the snap closures for easy diaper changes. Also, now that he’s walking, the skid-resistant bottoms on the feet puts my mind at ease to ensure that he won’t be sliding and falling all over the place because he’s a little runner.

Here’s what it looks like on him:


Here’s what it would look like as a Christmas card:


And here’s what it would look like when your child inevitably has a meltdown:


So those are my top picks for Christmas costumes for newest member of your family. I hope I was able to make your holiday just a little bit easier. You can always check out more holiday costumes on our website. Happy holidays!



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