Costume Events in California: August 2015

It’s that time again! We’re back with more local costume events for the month of August. Here in California, there’s always a reason to celebrate in costume and this month is no different. Every weekend has a fun and exciting costume event going on. From Renaissance festivals to fan conventions, check out our calendar to see what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Costume Events in California: August 2015

One of the biggest events that we want to highlight is the much anticipated Disney fan convention, D23. This incredible event will take place over the span of three days just down the street from Disneyland! Fans who are planning to attend, whether local or distant travelers will be able to enjoy lots of Disney exclusives including premieres, panels, celebrities, collectibles, and a whole lot more. We’re so excited about it that we’ve even come up with some cool cosplay ideas for the event.

Next, we wanted to highlight the annual Labyrinth Masquerade which is scheduled for the middle of August. This unique experience explores the magic and wonder of folklore by bringing to life a spectacular show. Folks who attend dress up in elaborate masquerade costumes inspired by mythology and fantasy. This fun Los Angeles event has a proven track record of providing an amazing production and is a favorite among Yelpers!

This next costume event is a steampunk enthusiasts dream! Held at the Mendocino County Museum, the 3-day Kinetic Carnivale will celebrate the unique sci-fi fantasy that is steampunk. The event will host a variety of activities including handcar races, a grand ball, tea, and history lectures to name a few. Children are also welcomed to come. There’s a special section with fun games and activities for kids to enjoy.

With so many events to explore, you’ll have plenty to keep your weekends filled this month. Want to know more about local costume events? Check out our guide here.

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