Coming Soon: Disney-Pixar Finding Dory Costumes

Dory is back on the big screen for a whole new adventure! Disney-Pixar fans have waited for this day for such a long time that the excitement can barely be contained. The character, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, is one of the most beloved Disney characters ever created and we finally get to see her star in her own movie. Though Dory will keep swimming through the summer, we expect to see plenty of her in the fall when kids and adults go out on Halloween dressed in Disney-Pixar Finding Dory costumes. Check out the new styles and see why we can’t get enough of Dory.


Featuring Item D10054, Item D10049, and Item D10092

These are just a few of the new 2016 Halloween costumes we’ve added for the year. If you want to get one for the upcoming Halloween season, be sure to head to our website and sign up to receive an alert when it arrives! Do you plan to watch Finding Dory this weekend? If so, let us know about your plans in the comments section!

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