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2013 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us! Holiday music is already popping up on local radio stations and stores are bringing out the Christmas decorations which are all the clear signs that “soon it will be Christmas Day!” With Black Friday right around the corner, you’re probably planning your gift shopping strategy. But before you go bananas fighting for merchandise at your local store, we wanted to share with you a few out of the box gift ideas with a gift guide of our own! This holiday, you can make Christmas more magical with the gift of imagination. With our children’s costumes, you’ll find the perfect gifts to encourage imaginative play all year long! Check out our favorites below!
Superhero Costumes
Every child wants to have superpowers and though that may be biologically impossible, dressing up as their favorite superhero is usually the next best thing. With our selection of superhero costumes, your kid can be a beacon of justice and hope while dressed as their favorite character!
Man of Steel Deluxe Superman Child Costume
X-Men Wolverine Origins Classic Muscle Child Costume
Disney Princess Costumes
For most girls, it has been a life-long dream to become a Disney Princess. The beauty, kindness and bravery of their actions have made them icons to girls all over the world. That’s why it’s no surprise that they’ll love being able to dress up as their favorite Disney Princess. With costumes of all their favorite characters in stock, it will be easy for you to light up their eyes on Christmas morning!
Disney Princess Tiana Sparkle Deluxe Child Costume
Disney Princess Rapunzel Sparkle Deluxe Child Costume
Career Costumes
Superheroes and princesses aren’t the only things children look up to! Every now and then, kid’s turn to the heroes of the real world like doctors, nurses, firefighters, and policemen. You and your kids will love our selection of career costumes like this veterinarian costume below. It even includes toy doctor instruments and stuffed animals so they can put their imaginations to play! For kids who love to explore, they’ll have a great time with this astronaut costume featured below!
Veterinarian Toddler Costume
Astronaut Explorer Child Costume (White)
With all these costume ideas, you’ll have one happy kid come Christmas morning! Shop this Black Friday for deals and savings. (Details to come later this week!) For more holiday gift ideas, check out our latest board on Pinterest entitled Gifts for Dreamers and Make-Believers. Also check out our favorite holiday ideas and Christmas costumes on our website! Until next time, happy holidays to everyone!

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