Sapphire Medieval Princess Child Costume New

Sapphire Medieval Princess Child Costume


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Creepy Jester Girl Child Costume New

Creepy Jester Girl Child Costume


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Aviator Pet Costume Out of Stock

Aviator Pet Costume


Classic Tarzan Adult Costume Out of Stock

Classic Tarzan Adult Costume


Victor Wig New

Victor Wig


Dude Wig New

Dude Wig


60's Flip Wig New

60's Flip Wig


Daisy Wig New

Daisy Wig


Peaceful Hippie Adult Costume Out of Stock

Peaceful Hippie Adult Costume


Tight Fro Wig (Blonde) Out of Stock

Tight Fro Wig (Blonde)


Sexy Indian Wig Out of Stock

Sexy Indian Wig


Dream Leader Wig Out of Stock

Dream Leader Wig


Dream Star Wig New

Dream Star Wig


Dream Glam Wig Out of Stock

Dream Glam Wig


Pirate Bandana with Dreads Out of Stock

Pirate Bandana with Dreads


Warrior King Adult Costume Out of Stock

Warrior King Adult Costume


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Travel back in time to your favorite era and relive some of history's most memorable events or become some of history's most famous people. Our collection of historical costumes span across all centuries and will allow you to look like you just stepped out of a time travel machine! These are not only great for dress-up during Halloween; they also make excellent costumes for historical plays or re-enactments! Deliver your reports and projects in one of these historical outfits and you're sure to go down in history for having an amazing performance!
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Life is a cabaret, old chum! You can can-can in style this Halloween with one of our scintillating burlesque costumes. Whether you're headed over to the Moulin Rouge or entertaining out in the Old We...
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Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Don't worry, it just means you're living like a caveman! Travel to the stone ages and walk with dinosaurs this Halloween with our these prehistoric costumes. We...
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Relive the days of early American racial issues with one of our costumes from the Civil War era. Whether you're leading the country as Abraham Lincoln, commanding troops as Robert E. Lee, fighting as...
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Pay homage to our nation's founding fathers with our classic colonial costumes. It's the perfect way to commemorate our country's most significant events from its early history on! Dress in one of th...
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Colorful outfits and big hair is alive and well with our disco costumes! Bring the iconic look of the 70's back and get ready to ride the train into Funky Town at your next costume party. With so man...
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There's a party over at the Nile and we're more than happy to get you ready for it with our dazzling collection of Egyptian costumes! We have everything you need to get wrapped up in style. Whether y...
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It's time to head on down to the sock hop with our fab fifties costumes! You can rock your socks off in a poodle skirt or be a bad boy rebel without a cause in a faux leather jacket. It's the beginni...
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Celebrate the liberation of femininity with our flirty flapper costumes at your next Gatsby party! Flappers paved the way for today's modern women and now you can embrace their free spirit in these f...
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Born out of the Prohibition Era were the infamous bootleggers and the rise of organized crime. This Halloween, get a piece of the action with one of our gangster costumes. You can give the cops a run...
Greek Costumes
Ancient Greece was an incredibly advanced society and an influential forerunner of democracy, advanced mathematics, science, astronomy, philosophy, the arts and more. This Halloween, you can bring th...
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Open your mind to peace, love and togetherness with our hippie costumes. Amidst the social unrest of the 60's and 70's came the rise of a new youth subculture. Embrace the free spirit of the original...
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Hey there, chief! Looking for a Native American Indian costume? Well, you've come to the right place! We'll get you dressed for your next pow-wow in style with our these tribal costumes. They're perf...
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Step into the medieval times and entertain the royal court with one of our jolly jester costumes. As a historical figure whose role was to entertain, you'll find yourself the center of attention in o...
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Travel back in time to the renaissance period by dressing up in one of these classic medieval costumes. We have just what you need to create an entire medieval society, including peasants, knights, k...
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Celebrate the best years of femininity with our sexy pin-up costumes! Pin-up culture became popular in the 40's and became a prominent fashion movement that remains on the rise today. With a nostalgi...
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Arrggh! Prepare to set sail on a sea-bound adventure with these seaworthy pirate costume ideas. Our selection of pirate costumes and accessories will transform you into a peg-legged plunderer of the ...
Saloon Girl Costumes
Put the wild into the Wild West with these smoldering saloon girl costumes! High kick your way into the hearts of those tired old cowboys at your next western bash; all you need to do is put on one o...
Steampunk Costumes
A fairly new genre, steampunk costumes have taken over the cosplay world at Comicons and Anime Expos worldwide. Set in historic industrial 19th century Western and influenced by sci-fi clockwork, gea...
Toga Costumes
Nothing will have you looking more heavenly than our Greek and Roman toga costumes. With a wide selection in stock, it's easy to find the perfect costume to visit Mount Olympus in! Attend your next t...
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Do you ever feel like you should have been born in the 1800s? Now, you can look like you just stepped off the carriage from the 19th century! Our wide selection of Victorian costumes and accessories ...
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Here come the Vikings! Re-enact history in a one-of-a-kind viking costume and conquer lands to claim hidden treasures. As an old Norse seafarer, you'll strike fear in the hearts of those who don't kn...
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Whether you're playing cowboys and Indians or panning for gold, you'll love our western costumes! You're in the perfect place if you're looking to find the perfect costume for your next saloon outing...